Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wifi Protector

There are additional smart phone risks besides malware and viruses. There are things such as WiFiKill and System Spoofer apps that may create lots of problems. You certainly will not want or like to have your own sensitive data stolen by attackers.

Why Protect My Wifi?

Because we rely a lot on our mobile phones, why do not we stop for any moment to protect ourselves from potential assaults? We've already protected an app in order to check any kind of potentially harmful permission which apps request for as well as another app in order to achieve stronger browser security. Right now, we'll check out a good app that will safeguard your smart phone from Wifi system assaults.

Wi-fi Protector provides protection upon unsecured Wi-Fi networks and hotspots through WiFi security scans and Intrusion detection, as well as VPN protection. All this a part of one, effective, software program.


More Risk Than Meets The Eye

Wi-fi Protector offers prevention of Malware as it has an opportunity to enter your pc! The anti-virus system will then take away the malware if at all possible. Similarly, if Wifi Guard detects a burglar, all the conversation from your computer is going to be isolated and also the attacker will never be in a position to see your web activity. Wifi software's does not replace or change your own anti-virus software however instantly protects you from unhealthy sites which are waiting to snare you. The moment we determine a site like a source of Adware and spyware it is put into list of obstructed sites making it difficult for your system to become infected.

Wifi Protector continuously checks the Wifi and lan networks in order to prevent attempted hacking (attempts through strangers or unauthorized customers to reach your own devices).

Each Wifi router and system must be configured correctly to make sure just authorized users can get on. This is particularly the situation with business as well as home users Wifi networks have to be personal.

Wifi Guard will scan your present network and uncover any security problems for example insecure authentication methods and weak security passwords.

In case your Wi-Fi is actually unsecure you have 2 options to fix this.

When it is your house find out from Wi-fi compatibility Protector Security report as well as improve the security through re-configuring your own router. With this you will require a system cable and the sign in information for the router (supplied from your Web service Provider).


Whenever you launch the application, you won't become overwhelmed by features. You'll simply get a large blue protect against a black history. Wifi Protector continues to be designed with the actual newbie in your mind, so every thing has been programmed for the user personally. The programmer claims that Wifi Guard is "100% silent as well as passive inside the system,” meaning that will not generate any kind of noise nor is this detectable by any possible attackers. Managing a protector such as this has to deplete your battery dried out, right? Based on the programmer, the app hardly drinks your phone's fruit juice.